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Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) improves operational efficiency: Effective DLM practices lead to improved operational efficiency by optimizing device usage, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity.  "Best Practices for IT Asset Lifecycle Management” – Gartner

DLM enhances cost control: Proper management of device lifecycles helps organizations control costs by optimizing procurement, maintenance, and retirement processes. “Why Device Lifecycle Management is Essential for Cost Control” – TechTarget

DLM ensures data security: Implementing DLM processes helps mitigate data security risks by ensuring secure data erasure or destruction during device retirement. “Why Data Security Is Critical in Device Lifecycle Management” – CIO

DLM supports regulatory compliance: Maintaining proper documentation and adherence to regulations throughout the device lifecycle helps organizations meet compliance requirements. “Device Lifecycle Management and the Benefits for Compliance” – ITProPortal

DLM includes device provisioning and configuration: Device provisioning, including initial setup and configuration, is a crucial aspect of DLM to ensure devices are properly prepared for deployment.  “Device Provisioning: How to Get Devices Ready for Business Use” – TechRepublic

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