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Device Lifecycle Management- Phase 3: Maintenance

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Hello everyone! Today we will discuss the third phase of the Device Lifecycle Management: Maintenance! 

We will quickly summarize what the Maintenance phase consists of. Here is what you must know:

  • Maintenance means making sure devices are covered by a warranty and making sure that you have robust processes in place if a device stops working.
  • It includes the management of spares to replace broken devices as well as the coordination of device repairs with manufacturers or certified repair providers.
  • Proper maintenance requires proper planning, and a good plan should include proactive measures to protect the device from potential failure or damage during normal usage.
  • It is important to ensure that users receive ongoing support throughout the life of their device, especially when dealing with technology unfamiliar to them.
  • Having a good maintenance plan can help ensure your devices remain operational while providing an enhanced user experience throughout their lifecycle.

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