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Goodly Cloud CEO to speak at Digital Transformation Event on September 15th

Featured Image: Hardware Lifecycle Management - Goodly Cloud Headquarters - Read full post: Goodly Cloud CEO to speak at Digital Transformation Event on September 15th

PLANTAGENET, Ontario, September 15, 2022 - Goodly Cloud launched on the 1st of September, 2022 with a mission to make hardware lifecycle management simple and insightful. On September 15th, its CEO, Phil Alexandre, will speak at Digital Transformation - 2.0, Mobility First. This in-person event is taking place at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

"When organizations realize that digitally transformation is inevitable, the first step in the process is to identify the problems that employees or customers are facing, and then aggressively pursue solutions. The past two years have brought significant changes to the way businesses operate. As leaders try to figure out what "normal" looks like, they are presented with a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo and prioritize innovation" said Phil Alexandre, CEO of Goodly Cloud.

Goodly Cloud will join experts from renowned companies in the mobile technology industry, from manufacturers to service providers. The focus of the exclusive event is to provide solutions and actionable insights that attendees can take advantage of now, while also providing their viewpoint of what digital transformation will mean in a post-pandemic era.

Goodly Cloud's hardware lifecycle management software puts mobile devices at the heart of the conversation at a time when IT teams are responsible to manage a continuously growing fleet of assets. Empowering end-users to self-serve is a powerful way to increase agility while increasing satisfaction.

About Goodly Cloud

Goodly Cloud is a team of passionate individuals who detected a problem in the way organizations manage they hardware's lifecycle and decided to find a solution. Their intense research, dedication, and hard work laid the foundation of Goodly Cloud. Goodly Cloud helps organizations take control of their hardware's lifecycle while enabling users to have a positive impact on the world. The team at Goodly Cloud is conscientiously pursuing its mission to make hardware lifecycle management more efficient, smooth, and predictable.

Press Release distributed via EINPresswire

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