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What is Goodly Cloud and why does it matter for IT leaders?

Read full post: What is Goodly Cloud and why does it matter for IT leaders?

We believe there is a better way for IT leaders to manage the physical lifecycle of their mobile assets.

Lets make it easier for IT to manage mobile devices

A lot of the discussions around digital transformation are focused on "industry disrupters". The reality is that most organizations have been transforming over the past 2 years.

Simple way for IT to transform how it suppots its mobile device end-users

Here's what this new "normal" means for IT teams who have to support remote users:

Managing IT assets is number one challenge when supporting remote users

The challenges above have been identified* as the top issues for IT leaders and operators who support remote users.
*(survey: "The State of ITSM two years in to the pandemic, by Zoho corp.")

Goodly Gloud is an intuitive tool that helps IT teams simplify how they manage the physical side of mobile IT assets. But first, let's go through 3 simple facts:

three simple facts about Goodly Cloud

mobile devices are everywhere

Mobile devices are everywhere. Over 50%* of organizations who didn't have policies prioritizing the acquisition and deployment of mobile capable devices, now have them (because of changes brought about by the shift to hybrid work).

a tool is something that helps accomplish a task

Let's take a second to think about this: "a tool is something that helps accomplish a task". For Goodly Cloud, this means offering IT heroes a way to keep track of their physical assets that is simpler than Excel while given them tools that speed up their work.
  Goodly Cloud is not an MDM

Goodly Cloud is not an MDM. Goodly Cloud will connect to MDM to help organizations make sense of mobile mobile assets. Our mission is to help IT teams manage their mobile asset's lifecycle in a more intuitive way.

intuitive tool to help organizations manage their mobile IT assets

Let's give mobile devices the life they deserve while keeping end-users productive.

mobile device lifecycle software for doers


Does this seem like a tool that cool help you or someone you know?

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